What we Offer to Our Customers

We are proud of providing various IT services to the community and always targeting to be the leading company abroad

Android App development

We offer Android Application Development services that integrate your ideas along with its creativity to develop Android Applications to fulfill your demands while maintaining the highest levels standards.

Web App development

we create web applications that help our clients work more collaboratively, serve their clients more efficiently and streamline their business processes with effective user-friend designs.

Web and android app Hosting

We provide a room for those who want to host websites, web apps and android apps at affordable price. For those websites and android apps that are built by our team, it’s a plus we provide 1 free year of maintenance.

Windows App Development

We build applications that reside on desktop/laptop running windows operating system like Library, bar, school scheduler bell and point-of-sale (POS) management systems etc.


Cross-platform App Development

HOLLEC Developers Team(HollecDevsTeam) is capable of constructing one application software that runs on all platforms(Operating systems) efficiently that is to say, windows, android and IOS.

IT Engineering Services

Don’t worry, HOLLEC computer engineers are able to analyze and establish college or university and school complex networks, installation of Security cameras, Live streaming setup and server room managment and establishment.

Event Planning and Managment

HOLLEC Ltd is here to simplify the headache you event organizers have nowadays via assisting you to find avenues and sponsors easily, we also provide online marketing for your events on our social media pages to help you event organizers boost up level of attendance for your free and paid events.


HOLLEC Ltd company is legally accepted by UMUCYO Rwanda system that hosts bids to compete among various companies, we have solid experience in this field also.

SEO website Optimization

One of the worst cases, it is when you have website and it doesn’t appear in search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. It is a little a bit annoying for some companies which doesn’t has SEO masters to cater for it. Don’t worry about this HOLLEC Developers Team has SEO experts to inspect your website and help you rank in search engines.

Digital Online Marketing

HOLLEC cares about your business, sometimes you are doing great things but you lose a way to broadcast them to the community, don't worry about that because we have super talented team to help you boost up your company products and services to the targeted people effectively.

Gathering information about the problem

Analyzing and budgeting problem

Planning and implementation

Ready made product is realesed

HOLLEC is headed by four intellectual personnels who usually struggle for making change in technology around the globe.

over 7 years of experience in Banking industry, Robert has extensive high-level of reputation/experience in leading, marketing and Business Development, through creativity and innovation.

Robert Garanti H.

Managing Director and Co-founder

Herve is a specialist in marketing sales,E-Procurement and Project managment. He is an expert in co-ordinating team, planning , analysing and designing systems.

Emery Herve KIREZI

Project Manager

Emmanuel is an expert in Web and server-side programming and system integration. He is expertised in API and backend microservies development.


Backend developer

Victor is a highly experienced Software developer expert having delivered a hundreds projects over. He is also a creative UI/UX designer.


Android Developer

We can build
Any type of software solution

Hollec developers’ team(HollecDevsTeam) is a group of intellectual IT and software engineers that turns any business ideas and thoughts into cool profitable solutions.

Expert Services

We do not outline what we can’t accomplish, we try our best to resolve any task related to our services.


Great Support

Hollec Ltd receives a client as king, we are here due to your presence. Feel free to contact us, you will be surprised to our outstanding support!

Enjoy 20% Outstanding Discount!

We are giving 20% discount to our customers, do not mess up with this offer that will end up in May 2019 , assign your project to us within this period to get this offer.

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Kacyiru Police Hospital Framework Tender
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