13 April, 2019 | By Emmanuel H.

How can you be the leading software company in Kigal, Rwanda.

As more businesses are getting inclined towards cloud-based service, the software development service industry is growing at a rapid pace. The process of software building includes identifying the need...


14 April, 2019 | By Victor K.

5 Things To Know About UI/UX Prototyping.

One of the most popular phrases in the world of design from IDEO states that “ If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a 1000 meetings”. Whether it is plain experimenting or turning...


20 April, 2019 | By Robert Garanti H.

Simple Guidance For You In Business Managment

Today, we see that the world is seeing a rapid growth in business. Every day, new companies are emerging on the global horizon and more business activities are being undertaken.


13 April, 2019 | By Emery Herve I.

The 7 Secrets That You didn't Know About Team Managment.

Team management is not always easy. Most of the time it means navigating different personalities, work habits and motivations while balancing your own tasks and keeping the company goals in mind...